Conception to the Table

Fleckvieh Sires

Our mission is to produce the highest quality breeding stock from the strongest cow families Fleckvieh offer.  Emphasizing low input cattle.  Low labor input and low feed input.  And maintaining the non-diluter status.

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Walking Herd Sires:


Golden Dawn No Doubt

No doubt is sired by Golden Dawn YUMA. His dam is Zandra, a double bred Demby Herlinde cow. This yearling has created quite a stir here at Golden Dawn Farms.

Golden Dawn YUMA - Sire of No Doubt

Yuma is a bull we raised and is sired by Talladega and out of an exceptional daughter of Whistler. His first calves were born in the fall of 2014 and they are impressive. Yuma consistantly sires calving ease, muscle and color. Tested non diluter. Great feet and large testicles.

We have several outstanding Yuma sired fall born bull calves, in addition to 2 spectacular brothers to Yuma himself. Don't wait until it's too late!

Talladega - Sire of Yuma

What a find!  This blood red bull was working in a 400 cow herd in northern Alberta when we found him.  Running with 21 other bulls Talladega was King of the Hill.  His feet and legs are second to none and he has a tremendous hip with exceptional width to his pins.  Sired by the immortal Gidsco Apollo this may be his best production.   With the strength and production of his mother (Smithbilt Mitzi) and the strength and production of his full sister (Lady Porscha) we believe Talladega’s siring possibilities are limitless.  Both his mother and full sister are in the top 1% of the breed for milk!

Lady Porscha is a full sister to Talladega.  Porscha’s 2010 bull calf wean off at a whopping 1078 lbs. at 237 days.  The calf sold in December at public auction for $17,250.  Both Talladega’s full sister (Porscha) and dam (Smithbilt Mitzi) are in the top 1% of the breed for milk.

Smithbilt Mitzi Dam of Talladaga. Top 1% of breed for milk.  This Anchor T Legend daughter is one of the very special Simmental cows you will ever see.  She has passed her extreme width of pin bones onto Talladega.

Beulah Daughter of Talladaga

Britches Daughter of Talladaga

Crossroad Radium 789U

Barry LaBatte has had the highest sale averages in all of Canada for a number of years. Here is what Barry has to say about Radium. Radium is really one of the top sires in the breed. He just kind of puts it all together. He is a calving ease specialist, his calves have lots of growth and peformance and his daughters make excellent cows. In addition to Barry's words, Radium contributes great color and absolutely wonderful dispositions. We will have a few select females bred to Radium for sale this fall. Call now for best selection.

Virginia Radison - $26,000 son of Cross Radium. Sire of Precision.

Virginia Precision - He was the top selling in Virginia's bull sale this spring for $24,000 to Dan Skeels.  This bull is sired by Radison a son of Crossroad Radium. He is the sire of Fonzie.        

Skywest Fonzie - Great Grandson to Crossroad Radium 789U.       

Crossroad Whisper is a full sister to Radium that has been the featured donor cow at Black Gold. She is pictured with her bull calve, Black Gold Epic, who is now the main herd sire for Danny Skeels.

Elm Tree MS Zdenoa - A very popular bred heifer that sold in a sale in Quebec last fall for $18,000.  She is sired by Zdeno a son of Crossroad Radium. If you want to raise cattle of this calibur, it is pretty simple, buy a son of Crossroad Radium. We have a great selection!

Bee Rieda - $31,000 daughter of Cross Radium

Navaho - $25,000 son of Cross Radium

Whisper - full sister to our Radium herdbull


FULLBLOOD MALE | 754483 | OVS 20Y | 7 January 2011

Canadian proven herdsire

B Bar C Damon
Son of Titian
Lead off bull in 2018 Alberta Bull Sale

B BAR C Endeavor
Son of Titan
Top selling bull in 2017 Alberta Bull Sale

B Bar C Colorad
Son of Titan
Top selling bull in 2016 Alberta Bull Sale

High selling bred heifer maternal sister to Titan

High Selling bred heifer out of Titans full sister

Oakview Zoe 14Z
High Selling bred heifer out of Titans full sister. The Mother of Oakview Dandy!


Kuntz Impact 7Z


Kuntz Climax 12C

Kuntz Sonic 14C

Kuntz Determined 9D

Kuntz Duramax 12D


Homozygous Polled non- diluter 100% Fleckvieh .
Factor’s mother was the Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair as a bred.

Rolling Acres Red Fern
Dam of Factor
Won the Toronto Winter Fair as a bred heifer.


Homozygous Polled, non-diluter 100% Fleckvieh

MFI Money Talker

Tested Non Dilluted

Sire: Metro
Dam: MFI Petra - Sire: Western Union 5z
                           Dam: MFI Zailia 8z


First Calves due in the Spring 2013.

MFL Zaila

Money Talker's Grandmother

MFI Juggernaut 9022

Another maternal brother to Money Talker. Juggernaut was Top Selling Bull in the Dale Murray's Dispersal, selling to Double Bar D & Bonchuks, 2 of the most respected names in the business.

MFI Gladiator 116T

Out of MFI Petra

Maternal brother to Money Talker, a high selling bull from Dale Murray's.

Doing a tremendous job at Kopp Farms.

HEMR Samurai

  • Anchor T Icon x Jahari
  • Robb Farms
  • Dan Skeels
  • Little Willow Ranch
  • Murray Hoegl
  • Ferme B.M.S.
  • Gagnon Farms

In the recent Gagnon Sale in Quebec, 3 maternal sisters to Samaurai averaged $11,230! More proof of Samaurai's maternal strangth!

What do these breeders have in common?  (Other than being some the most highly respected breeders in Canada) They are all using progeny of Samurai to improve their herds.  We feel extremely fortunate to have Samurai, CFFS Romulus and Talladega proudly parading our pastures at the time. Specifically selected to follow CFFS Romulus. Sold as a calf for $9000 and resold as a 3 yr old for $19,750. We are expecting great things from this blood-red, calving ease, super sire.

Anchor D Imax 250Y
Popular Canadian AI Sire out of Samurai.

Cloud Nine (Full Fleckvieh)
Sire: HEMR Samurai
Dam: Anchor D Lindsay
$15,000 2nd Top Selling bull in Dan Skeel's Feb. 2012 bull Sale.

Daughter of Samurai.

A Samurai daughter in production

FGAF Kanananskis 947Z
Maternal Sister of Samurai

CFFS Romulus

– Romulus x Kerstin
To date the most powerful sire used here.  Walking our pastures today.

Congratulations to Ed & Lynn Anderson on the two Top Selling Bulls at the Keystone Connection Sale in Brandon Manitoba. These are the first two sons of Romulus to sell in Canada. $12,500 and $8,500. Ed's other 5 bulls averaged $5,050. Not bad for a $50 investment!

JNR Genesis

Kuz Mr Appollo 11X x JNR's Grelli 4440P
DOB: 12-21-12

We were thrilled to acquire the remaining semen bank on Freightliner.  Freightliner single handedly took Kopp farms from obscurity to the Canadian forefront.

A.I. Herd Sires:

Crossbred Radium

Highly regarded Canadian sire.  Four daughters in herd.  Sweet Kreme out of Krispy Kreme and three daughters from Classy Lady.

MFI Whistler

– Soloman x Zaila
Sire of Linda (Romulus x Lilli Marlen) and also a pair of twin females out of Anchor T Emmy.  Known for great feet and testicles.

BHL Mr. Regent 3H

Fullblood Male
DOB: 1/10/98
BWT 110; 200 day 804; 1/1, 100;

Admirers say he is one of the heaviest muscled full Fleck calves they have seen this fall. Perfect pigmentation with black feet - much like Regent himself.

BHR Regent daughter

Sim-roc Stroller

Former walking sire. Won numerous growth, carcass and marbling in tests in Alberta, as well as Iowa. Semen available.

Jack Pine Andy

Out of the Canadian Stalwert - Great Guns Mitzi’s first calf by Antonius.  Andy walked our pastures and left some great females.