Conception to the Table

Fleckvieh Females

 Our mission is to produce the highest quality breeding stock from the strongest cow families Fleckvieh offer. Emphasizing low input cattle. Low labor input and low  feed input.  And maintaining the non-diluter status.

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Congratulations to the John and Casey Smith family

for raising these two outstanding Crossroad Radium daughters purchased from us in dam. If you are looking for a source of Fleckvieh females that know how to produce, We are it!

Ms Moses 517C

Mother of Gudas



The Queen mother lode donor of all time.  Her influence comes to us via her three most outstanding daughters. Kerstin and Krispy Kreme both by Hafke and also Gibbons Lilly by Romulus.  No cow has had  a greater impact on the breed and our herd as Lilli-Marlen.
We have 27 cows in our herd that are decendents of Lilli-Marlen



Pictured as an open heifer when she commanded $45,000.  We were extremely fortunate to aquire the top picks from her flush with the timeless Romulus.  CFFS Romulus and Classy Lady have had a major impact in our herd.  After seeing their contribution we have added the top two picks (females) from Kerstin’s flush with Westdrums Andrew who is known for producing great females. 

Kerstin has an outstanding 2014 bull calf sired by Solway Adonis.

CFFS Classy Lady

Flushmate to CFFS Romulus.  Sired by the timeless female sire:  Romulus and out of Kirsten.   Daughters in herd by Exodus, Razz Matazz, CFF Romulus and PRL Houston (3).  Classy lady’s influence will be felt here for years to come.


Westdrums Andrew daughter of Kerstin

MS JMC Turba G381
Daughter of Lilli-Marlen

Krispy Kreme

Hafke x Lilli-Marlen
Thank you to Mikell Davis for allowing us to bring this great female to Iowa.  Picture taken when Mikall purchased her for $17,000.  We have an extra special PRL Houston daughter of Krispy Kreme in the herd that we have great expectations for.

MFI Helga 28W

Helga 28W is sired by Whistler and her mother is a full sister to Impact and Legend!   Helga 28W was the high selling heifer calf in the MFI dispersal and produced a Dirty Harry heifer calf that topped the PHS  dispersal at $10,000.  Helga 28W is bred back the same way for a 2017 fall calf. 

Virginia Ms Treasure 4T 

These 10 sons of Treasure averaged $9850 in Double Bar D 2015 spring sale.



Twin bred heifers sire by MFL Whistler


GDF Stroller daughter Springborn Yuma bull calf.


Sired by Jahari
Out of a Direct Canadian Nef cow that is a grandaughter of Siegfried's Janet. Spring born Yuma heifer calf.

Great Guns Mitzi

Sire: SH Romulus

Jack Pine Andy was Mitzi's first calf. Andy was sired by Antonius and walked our pasture for several years leaving some great females.

Ms Metro

– Metro x Gidseo Appollo
Spring born Yuma heifer calf.

Anchor T Helga 10Y

Much like Lilli-Marlen her genetic prepotentcy has expressed itself in our herd.

Zena (DDD Broadway X Iglhoff)

Springborn Talladega heifer calf.

Moma Mia

Spring born Talladega bull calf.

One Hot Momma

Flushmates; DDD Broadway x Iglhoff
Fall born Yuma heifer calf.

Canadian Champion

Cow sired by BHR Regent former walking sire in our herd.

MFI Helga 9205

– Metro x Helga 10Y
From the spectacular flush in the historic Dale Murray Disperal where 5 flushmate sisters averaged almost $6,000 selling to some of the most prominent herds in all of Canada, including; Vaugh Gibbons, Maxwell Bros. Marc Boisvert, and Bonchucks sometimes we get lucky!  Thanks to Vaugh Gibbons for a huge assist! Has a fall born Yuma heifer calf.


Jahari x SRN Ms Universe 1C
Bred to Yuma for a spring calf.

DDD Stacey Mac

West Drums Andrew X Ballist X GG Cherie
She has a bred 2 year old Sired by Siegfried

She also has other donor daughters working for Greg Starr, Matt Lackman, Greg Kemp and Smith Simmentals in Alberta. Expecting 3 heifer calves by Talladega


Siegfried X DDD Stacey Mac

Has a great polled heifer calf sired by ICC Legend that will be available this fall. Spring born Heifer calf by Yuma.


May be the best cow that you've never heard of.

Dorthy Jane

1st Calf Stargazer and her daughter Dorthy Jane wrote history in Dan Skeels donor pen.

2nd & 3rd Calves both sired by Universe sold to Arnold Bros and produced several high sellers including "High Five" . Pretty remarkable when you consider Arnold Bros. ran over 1700 cows.

4th Calf Universal Enhancer - Herdsire for Kulyk's great herd at North Battleford.

5th Calf The most highly coveted of all the terrific 7Z daughters; "Fairy Tale" topped the DD&E Dispersal at $14,800. Donor cow for; DD&E McDougal, Dale Storebo, Sterling Shaw and Vaugh Gibbons.

6th Calf Female by 36R retained by Delbert Enns daughter.

7th Calf Female by Universe that sold to Eagle Ridge for $4900.

8th Calf Female sold to EDN

9th Calf Female sold to Carter Steer

BSBL 7Z had nine all natural calves without missing a calving. Every calf she produced sold to a breeder. It's pretty phenominal that one cow could produce several donor females that in turn produce more benchmark donor females. We were very lucky to be able to acquire Fairy Tale 71S. The pick of Fairy Tale's flush with Jahari.

Jahari has proven to add muscle, weaning weight, feet, color and disposition. Add that to an already superior cow family and you feel pretty comfortable. 71S Flushmate brother just produced a $47,500 bull for Westgold. Added proof of the genetic power of this cow family

Fairy Tale 71S is a welcome addition to our herd.
Fairy Tale 71S was flushed to Seismic (Solway Adonis x Demby Herlinde) 11 embryos were planted 6/8/13.

Miss Impact 120P

- Another welcome addition to our herd.

1st Calf bull sold to Dempsey Land and Cattle

2nd Calf bull by Appollo sold to Doug Trotzuk

3rd Calf bull Mr. Apollo 11W $17,000 son of 120P that sold to Little Willow and Murray Hoegl

4th Calf bull Mr. Apollo 11x $8900 son of 120P that sold to JNR

5th Calf heifer by Apollo retained in herd.

Has 2 Spring born Apollo bull calves. Full brothers to Mr Apollo 11W and Mr Apollo 11x.

120P's 6th calf Mr. Apollo 405Z sold to Crossroad Farms for $8,000

Miss Impact 120P last three bull calves have averaged $11,000 What's even more impressive is the long time, highly respected breeders that have purchased sons of 120P. Little Willow, JNR, Crossroad Farms who last Spring sold 88 bulls for a $6,016 average! And Murray Hoegl who's sale sold 67 bulls that averaged $7,180! With Mr Appollo 11X sons averaged $8,900!

These Cowboys are the best of the best.

To date all five of 120P calves by Appollo have been blood red and you can clearly see that her calves can elevate quality in top herds.

We will be flushing this "herdbull producing machine" to Appollo and we are anxious to see the full sibs to the above mentioned herd sires.

Trinity (Emperor X BGL Felicity 269P)

DOB: 10/2/2007

Exposed to JNR Genesis, 786478, from March 5 to May 15, 2016.
Observed bred on March 15